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Guilds Lake


Vacancy in the Guilds Lake industrial submarket is 3.8%, which is essentially the same level it was a year ago. Vacancy has only risen 0.1% during this time. During this period, 140,000 SF has delivered, and 130,000 SF has been absorbed.

Rents are around $10.40/SF, which is a 5.9% increase from where they were a year ago. In the past three years, rents have increased a cumulative 21.3%.

There is nothing currently under construction. In the past year there have been 5 sales and the market sale price is now $160/SF, noticeably higher than its trailing three- year average of $143/SF.

Rental Rates

No significant rental rate activity was reported this quarter.

Leasing Activity

No significant leasing activity was reported this quarter.

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