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Real Estate Contract Review

Review the Fine Print of a Purchase or Lease Agreement

Commercial Real Estate Contract Review

Button Up the Fine Print

Commercial purchase or lease agreements can be over 70 pages long, making them difficult to read and understand. Fortunately, we’ve represented companies on hundreds of these contracts and will help you understand every aspect of the agreement and how it impacts your business. Northwest Tenant Group does not offer legal advice, but we work closely with your commercial real estate attorney to help you understand your purchase or lease agreement and identify areas where your landlord might make additional concessions to meet your business needs. Our real estate contract review process is an additional layer of service that puts your business in the best position possible. 

Team Approach

Few real estate brokers will ever read your purchase or lease agreements. Rather, they delegate that responsibility to your real estate attorney, which can lead to mistakes in the contract. When Northwest Tenant Group represents your business on a purchase or lease, we conduct a full real estate contract review alongside your legal counsel, offering market-based suggestions and minimizing the chances of costly mistakes. Northwest Tenant Group does not offer legal advice, and we recommend you work with a local, licensed real estate attorney on all real estate contracts. We are happy to connect you to one of our trusted commercial real estate law partners.


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Bumper-To-Bumper Service

In addition to a thorough real estate contract review, Northwest Tenant Group offers a full-service suite of conflict-free, independent tenant representation solutions, including site selection, purchase and lease advisory, construction and relocation management, and more. We work with organizations of all sizes, including small businesses all the way up to Fortune 150 companies. Let us show you why we’re the premier adviser in independent tenant representation. Contact Northwest Tenant Group today to learn more.

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