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Commercial Purchase & Lease Advisory

Maximize the Outcome of a Purchase or Lease

Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Lease Advisory

Focus On What You Do Best

Running your business should be your sole focus, not negotiating the purchase or lease of commercial real estate. Commercial real estate negotiations are time-consuming and riddled with confusing terms, and a single mistake can cost your business millions of dollars. That’s why at Northwest Tenant Group, we offer purchase and lease advisory services to protect your business and save you time. We use data-driven techniques that ensure the best possible terms on your next purchase or lease. 

Data-Driven Negotiation

Every commercial negotiation starts with leverage. Without the right leverage, you won’t be able to maximize savings from a potential landlord or seller. We provide data-driven, proprietary techniques to achieve maximum leverage on a purchase or lease negotiation, ensuring that you get the better end of the deal. We work closely with you to understand your priorities, such as cost, location, growth, or flexible lease terms, which give you more control when uncertainty is at its highest. Contact Northwest Tenant Group today to learn more about how we can negotiate the purchase or lease of your next workspace, on your terms.


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Portland, OR 97204

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Turn-Key Process

When you’re looking for commercial purchase and lease advisory experts who will always look out for your best interests, look no further than Northwest Tenant Group. We’ll fight to ensure you receive the best possible terms on your new lease, renewed lease or purchase. We offer a full-service suite of conflict-free, independent tenant representation solutions to help your growing business, including workplace strategy, site selection, real estate contract review, and more. Contact Northwest Tenant Group today to learn how we can help your business thrive.

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