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Subleasing & Downsizing

Save Money by Getting Out of Your Lease

Commercial Real Estate Subleasing

Get Rid of Unused Space

After your employees, real estate is typically your largest expense. If your business has moved away from heavy office or industrial space needs, you may be able to reduce your operating costs by millions of dollars. But what if you're stuck in a long-term lease? You may be wasting your capital on rent when you could be reinvesting into your business. Northwest Tenant Group can help you find the fastest and cheapest way to get out of your office or industrial lease. 

Sublease or Buyout?

Should you sublease your space or approach your landlord to negotiate a buyout? In most cases the answer is both. Procuring a subtenant who is ready to take over your space is the best way to create leverage in a buyout negotiation, and in many cases, can be converted into a direct lease between the landlord and the would-be subtenant. If you intend to downsize and keep some space, a buyout may be negotiated without a subtenant. Every situation is unique, and Northwest Tenant Group can help you determine the best way to save your business money by subleasing or downsizing your office or industrial space.


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Northwest Tenant Group offers a full-service suite of conflict-free, independent tenant representation services that give your business a leg up in commercial real estate. We offer site selection, purchase and lease advisory, construction and relocation management, and more. We work with you throughout the entire process to find you and your employees the workspace you deserve. Contact Northwest Tenant Group today and let us show you why we’re the premier name in independent tenant representation. 

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